Our vision

In times of mass tourism and travel packages where crowds of people pile up at the hotel pool, it is the desire of many people to travel differently. But this does not mean driving from campsite to campsite with a motorhome to be at the mercy of mass tourism again.


The world has so much to offer, foreign culture, deserted beaches or places in the backcountry where you can experience the hospitality of the locals. These places are often denied to a normal camper because he has to return after a few meters due to the bad roads. A vehicle that can master these ways must not necessarily be an SUV, it can also be a fully equipped 4WD expedition vehicle which offers all the amenities you want " and some more " but is still so compact and maneuverable that there are few limits.


Everyone has different needs and a different budget, some can not be big enough, the other wants to have a maneuverable vehicle with which he can get everywhere but still enjoy a certain comfort. When you go to the relevant trade fairs and check out the manufacturers, you often get the feeling that the salesman who is standing in front of you has never been on a trip with an expedition vehicle and wants to sell you things that you either don't need or omits things that you absolutely should have.


Our vision is to close exactly this gap. With our experience we support you from the purchase consultation of the base vehicle, clarify the needs and plan together the expansion and the desired conversions and extensions to the realization. We are not restricted to single vehicle manufacturers and put your project into practice, no matter if it is a truck, a van or an SUV, Jeep.


We are looking forward to meeting you

Dennis & Team