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electrical installation

There are many factors that are decisive for the design of your electrical system, such as consumers, travel destinations, travel duration and climate.

We design the system to suit your requirements and take care of the installation or retrofitting for your vehicle.

Today we have a wide range of entertainment and leisure electronics such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, mobile internet, e-bikes, drones, cameras, TVs etc., which is why modern and high-performance energy storage is increasingly in demand.  

We specialize in the design and assembly of modern, durable and safe LiFePo4 energy storage.


Unfortunately, there are still many motorhomes that are equipped with classic lead or gel batteries, and current new vehicles are still equipped with these outdated batteries with some serious disadvantages. Only little energy can be used and the batteries often have to be replaced due to defects or wear. Old batteries are heavyweights, they are about 70% heavier compared to the usable capacity.

We would be happy to retrofit you with a modern energy storage system and open up a wide range of new possibilities for you.

We only use high-quality components to ensure reliability, comfort, benefits and worldwide support. With a good installation, we also guarantee your safety.


Would you like an addition such as solar, charging via vehicle engine, shore power connection or even a generator as a backup or a gas-free motorhome? no problem, we will implement your wishes. The possibilities are manifold.

Is your system on strike or suspended? We find the problem and repair your system.


Electronic devices, monitor ring & entertainment


You currently have no overview of your consumers and battery, water and waste water level and suddenly the light is off, why? Battery empty? Malfunction?
We will integrate a monitoring system for you. This gives you an overview of consumers, filling levels and the remaining capacity of your supply battery.

Remote maintenance and theft protection is no problem with our monitoring. The devices can be checked and adjusted remotely. Running consumers can also be viewed remotely and filling levels can be queried and controlled. Exact positioning or tracking of the vehicle is possible via possible GPS sensors.

Our entertainment electronics such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops are becoming more and more powerful and therefore also have increasing demands on the charging interfaces. Unfortunately, the suppliers here do not adapt to the new standard and hardly develop further. For example, current vehicles are only equipped with USB-A charging sockets where current end devices are already supplied with USB-C.  With our UBS-C Power Power Delivery solution it is even possible to charge your current laptop without AC power.


You want a reasonable compressor refrigerator, HD TV with satellite connection, a new radio with touchscreen, a SIM-enabled W-Lan router, a monitor ring for the entire system, remote maintenance and control, no problem, we will implement your wish.


Fernwartung und Diebstahlschutz ist mit unserem Monitoring kein Problem. Aus der Ferne können können die Geräte geprüft und eingestellt werden. Auch können aus der Ferne laufende Verbraucher eingesehen und Füllstände abfragt und gesteuert werden. Über mögliche GPS Sensoren ist eine genaue Ortung oder Tracking des Fahrzeugs möglich.

Unterhaltungselektronik wie Handy, Tablet und Laptop wird immer leistungsstarker und hat daher auch immer wachsende Anforderungen an die Ladeschnittstellen. Leider passen sich hier die Zulieferer nicht den neuen Standard an und entwickeln sich kaum weiter. So werden aktuelle Fahrzeuge beispielsweise noch nur mit USB-A Ladebuchsen ausgestattet wo man doch aktuelle Endgeräte schon mit USB-C versorgt.  Mit unserer UBS-C Power Power Delivery Lösung ist es möglich sogar Ihren aktuellen Laptop ohne Wechselstrom zu laden.


Wir rüsten hochweritge Komponenten nach ob Kompressorkühlschrank, HD-Fernseher mit Sat-Anschluss, Ein neues Radio mit Touchscreen, Ein SIM fähigen W-Lan Router, ein Monitorring des Gesamtsystems, Fernwartung und Steuerung, 


Gas installation & heating

With a gas supply, you are supplied with energy for cooking and heating when you are mobile. We would be happy to install a gas system for you in accordance with DIN EN 1949.  

We also carry out your 2-year gas test for the TÜV.

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You don't feel like getting the gas bottle out of the gas box every time to connect your outdoor grill, no problem we will install an external connection for you so you can simply connect your grill & cooker and get started.

Heating with gas is almost noiseless, but you are connected to an extensive gas trading network. In addition, you have to carry various adapters with you abroad because there is no uniform standard here. Outside Europe and away from civilization, it can happen that you are without a gas supply because the cylinders from other manufacturers do not fit, there is no suitable adapter or no gas is available at all.

In order to avoid this, we also offer diesel and petrol heating, which are supplied with the vehicle fuel.


Water sewage

The water and waste water tanks can be manufactured to match the furniture or chassis.


If you like to be outside most of the time and not in the motorhome, then we can set up an outside tap so you have access to your fresh water without having to go into the motorhome all the time.

You don't want to fill up your water tank with the watering can? We will install a suction pump for you so you can easily pump water from a source into your tank.

In order to avoid contamination by dirt, bacteria, four, chemicals, we can install a filter system so that no contamination gets into the fresh water tank.

For expeditions to cold regions, we can relocate the water and waste water installation so that it is always inside the cabin and nothing can freeze so quickly.

We can install a facility that conveniently drains your gray water using a switch on the dashboard.

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