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electrical installation

In a world where electronics enrich our daily lives and travels, an efficient and reliable electrical system is essential. The design of your system depends on many factors – from specific consumers to your travel destinations and duration, as well as the prevailing climate. We understand this diversity and tailor the electrical system precisely to your needs, whether through a new installation or retrofitting.

With the advent of entertainment and leisure electronics such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, mobile internet, e-bikes, drones, cameras, and TVs, a modern, high-performance energy storage system becomes increasingly important. Specializing in the planning and installation of modern LiFePo4 energy storage solutions, we offer durable, safe, and efficient options that are far superior to traditional lead-acid or gel batteries.

The advantages of LiFePo4 technology are clear: compared to old battery technologies, they offer higher utilization of stored energy, longer lifespan, and are significantly lighter, making them ideal for mobile use. However, many vehicles and boats are still equipped with outdated battery systems that are not only heavier but also less efficient and more prone to defects and wear.

Upgrading to a modern energy storage system opens up new possibilities and significantly enhances the comfort and utility of your equipment. We rely exclusively on high-quality components to ensure the reliability and safety of your system and offer global support, so you are well-cared for anywhere and anytime. Trust our expertise to take your electrical system to the next level and make your travels even more enjoyable.


The flexibility of your energy supply is crucial for a carefree travel experience. Whether you want to maximize freedom on the road with solar panels, desire the convenience of a shore power connection, wish to utilize the efficiency of charging via the vehicle's engine, or even consider a generator as a reliable backup – we make it possible. We also offer customized solutions for those who prefer a gas-free recreational vehicle. The possibilities to optimize and diversify your energy supply with us are as varied as your travel dreams.

But what happens if the technology fails? No need to worry. Our expertise ensures that we can quickly identify and expertly fix any issue. From minor glitches to extensive repairs – we make sure your equipment is back in perfect working order so you can continue your journey as soon as possible.

Rely on our expertise to tailor your energy supply to your needs and to be there for you in case of any problems. With us by your side, you're well-prepared for any adventure.


Electronic devices, monitor ring & entertainment


Do you know the current state of your battery, the water and wastewater levels in your vehicle? And what if suddenly the lights go out – is it due to a drained battery or a defect? Such questions can cause uncertainty during a trip, but with our tailor-made monitoring solution, they become a thing of the past.

We offer the integration of an advanced monitoring system that provides you with detailed insights into the condition of your consumers, fill levels, and remaining capacities. With this system by your side, you always have an overview of important functions of your vehicle and can act proactively before small issues turn into major challenges.

Such monitoring not only ensures safety and comfort on your journey but also helps you manage your resources more efficiently. Whether it's battery levels, water levels, or energy consumption – you have everything in sight and can fully concentrate on the experience of your journey.

With our advanced monitoring system, we offer you not only a comprehensive overview of the condition of your devices and resources but also top-notch features for remote maintenance and theft protection. From anywhere, you can check your devices, adjust settings, monitor consumers, and query and control fill levels. For added security and peace of mind, our option for precise location or tracking using GPS sensors ensures you always know where your vehicle is.

In an era where entertainment electronics are becoming increasingly powerful, thus raising the requirements for charging interfaces, we provide a forward-looking solution: Our USB-C Power Delivery solution. You are no longer reliant on outdated USB-A charging ports that no longer meet the requirements of modern devices. With our solution, you can charge even powerful devices like laptops directly and efficiently without alternating current.

Furthermore, we customize your vehicle with high-quality components according to your wishes, whether it's a compressor refrigerator, an HD television with satellite connection, a new radio with touchscreen, or a SIM-capable Wi-Fi router & Starlink. Our monitoring and remote maintenance system also allows you to keep an eye on and control the overall system of your vehicle at all times.

Rely on our expertise and technology to elevate your vehicle to the next level and be optimally connected and secured while on the go. With our solutions, you are perfectly equipped for the demands of modern mobility.


Gas installation & heating

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Enjoy independence and comfort on your travels with an efficient gas supply for cooking and heating. We install gas systems according to the DIN EN 1949 standard, providing you with a safe and cost-effective energy source. To make usage even more convenient, we offer the installation of an external connection for your grill or cooker, allowing you to cook and grill directly at the vehicle without having to move the gas bottle each time.

While heating with gas offers many advantages, such as low noise and emissions, the availability of gas in remote areas or abroad is limited by the need for a network of trade partners and the necessity for various adapters. In some regions, obtaining the right gas bottles or adapters can be difficult to impossible.


As an alternative or addition, we also offer diesel and gasoline heaters that operate directly on the vehicle's fuel. This option increases your autonomy and safety by making you independent of local gas supply networks. With a diesel or gasoline heater, you can rely on being able to heat anywhere you find fuel for your vehicle – perfect for adventurous journeys off the beaten path.

Choose the energy supply that best suits your travel plans and enjoy freedom and comfort wherever your adventures take you.


Water sewage

Maximize your autonomy and comfort on the road with custom-designed water and wastewater tanks tailored to your vehicle and needs. Whether you own a rugged chassis for adventurous expeditions or a comfortable motorhome for leisurely travels, we create your water infrastructure to fit.

For those who love spending time outdoors, we offer the installation of a convenient external water tap. This allows you easy access to fresh water without the need to enter the motorhome for every use. And for hassle-free water tank refilling? No more tedious filling with a watering can – a suction pump installed by us enables you to comfortably pump water directly from a source into your fresh water tank.

To ensure water quality, we recommend integrating a filtration system that effectively filters out dirt, bacteria, viruses, and chemicals before they can even enter your fresh water tank. This way, you always enjoy clean and safe water.

For those heading into colder regions, we provide special installations that route water and wastewater pipes within the heated cabin to prevent freezing. Additionally, we make handling greywater easier with a setup that allows draining directly via a switch on the dashboard.

Rely on our expertise to perfectly meet your water needs while traveling. With our custom solutions, you're well-prepared for any situation.

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