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In your project
you shouldn't do anything
left to chance

Planning | Conception

A good planning is the basic requirement for the construction of an expedition vehicle. Of course, there must be an appropriate concept which is based on the individual wishes of the customer. We plan all components and the entire interior by means of a professional 3D software and can visualize everything before we start with the construction. So you can already see your wishes on the 3D model and test it.

Planung | Konzeption
Furniture construction | Design

Based on the 3D drawings, all parts can be designed on the computer, finishing parts can be visualized with the desired textures as well as fabric upholstery and floors. It is already ensured in this stage that the desired decor or upholstery is really pleasing and fits together. Using computer-controlled tools, all parts are cut to fit perfectly to achieve the best result.

Möbelbau | Design
Electronics | Entertainment

The electronics is an important part of an expedition vehicle and therefore a precise calculation is necessary. This planning is also important to keep the cost-benefit balance in reasonable limits. We discuss with each customer the exact needs and wishes and can configure the optimal setup. Entertainment such as W-LAN, LTE amplifier an on-board network or TV and Hifi are becoming increasingly important, we are happy to help you.

Elektro | Entertainment
Water | Heating

A warm cabin and a hot shower after a exhausting winter hike is something great! We plan the optimal heating and water system individually according to your needs and adapt it to the vehicle. Whether it's a filter system for drinking water or custom-fit water and wastewater tanks, we'll make it fit for you and your vehicle. An expedition to Siberia - no problem if you have planned and implemented everything correctly beforehand!

Wasser | Heizen
Attachments | Modifications

Depending on the size of the vehicle or the destination, you may need additional storage space, larger fuel tanks, a special spare wheel mount or a storage rack. We build everything with the right materials, whether plastic, aluminum or steel exactly for you using 3D drawings. Because of this technique you can see the appearance of the add-on parts before they are manufactured and if necessary you can make changes. So nothing is left to chance.

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