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In your project
you shouldn't do anything
left to chance

Planning | Conception

Success begins with solid planning and a tailored concept that is precisely adapted to your individual desires. We understand that each project is unique and place great emphasis on turning your visions and dreams into reality. With state-of-the-art 3D software, we take planning to the next level: every detail, component, and the entire interior of your project is brought to life virtually.

Before the first hammer is swung, the 3D visualization allows you to take a realistic look at your future project. This enables us to examine every corner together, make adjustments, and ensure that every element exactly matches your specifications. Experience a new dimension of project planning, where you can literally "test lie" and immerse yourself in the world of your dream project long before the actual implementation begins.

Trust in our expertise and cutting-edge technology to precisely visualize and implement your ideas. With us, planning becomes not just more efficient, but also more inspiring. We transform your desires into tangible reality – with meticulous attention to detail and entirely according to your wishes.

Planung | Konzeption
Furniture construction | Design

Our 3D technology enables detailed planning and visualization of your project, from the initial idea to the finished product. With this method, we design all elements of your project on the computer, including fittings, textures, upholstery, and floor coverings, exactly according to your ideas and wishes.

This precise approach offers you the advantage of getting a clear picture of the appearance and atmosphere of your project before construction begins. You can ensure that the selected decor and materials truly meet your taste and work together harmoniously.

By using computer-controlled tools, we guarantee exact manufacturing of all components, so they fit together perfectly. This approach ensures high quality of the final product while also enabling efficient and cost-saving production.

Rely on our expertise and technology to implement your project precisely according to your wishes. We offer you a tailor-made solution that is perfectly adapted to your requirements.

Möbelbau | Design
Electronics | Entertainment

The right electronics play a crucial role in the comfort and functionality of an expedition vehicle. Precise calculation and planning of the electronic equipment are therefore essential, not just for performance but also to ensure an optimal cost-benefit ratio. We place great importance on individual consultation to identify the exact needs and wishes of each customer and configure the perfect electronics setup.

In a world where connectivity and entertainment on the go are becoming increasingly important, we are ready to equip you with the latest technologies. Whether it's about Wi-Fi, LTE boosters, an integrated onboard network, or entertainment systems like TV and Hi-Fi – we have the expertise to transform your vehicle into a fully connected, mobile comfort zone.

Rely on our experience to outfit your expedition vehicle or boat with a tailor-made electronics solution that meets your requirements precisely. With our support, your vehicle will become a true home, ready for any adventure.

Elektro | Entertainment
Water | Heating

Imagine returning from a long winter hike to be greeted by the cozy warmth of your cabin, followed by a hot shower – sounds like a dream, doesn't it? We make this comfort possible by designing the ideal heating and water system tailored to your personal needs and perfectly fitting your vehicle.

From customized filtration systems that ensure your drinking water is always clean and fresh to specially made water and wastewater tanks that fit precisely in your vehicle – we have the solution. Our goal is for everything to work seamlessly and be exactly tailored to your requirements and those of your vehicle.

Even an expedition into the icy expanses of Siberia becomes a comfortable adventure when the planning and implementation are right. With our expertise, you're prepared for any situation and can enjoy comfort and coziness even under extreme conditions. Let's ensure together that your vehicle becomes a true oasis of well-being, no matter where your journey takes you.

Wasser | Heizen
Attachments | Modifications

When preparing for your next adventure, the optimal equipment of your vehicle plays a crucial role. Whether additional storage space for longer journeys, extended fuel tanks for remote destinations, special spare tire mounts for unforeseen situations, or sturdy luggage racks – we offer tailor-made solutions that perfectly match your needs and your vehicle.

Our expertise spans a wide range of materials, including plastic, aluminum, and steel, to provide you with the best combination of durability, weight, and functionality. With modern 3D drawings, we give you a detailed preview of the appearance and fit of the planned attachments. This allows you to make adjustments before manufacturing and ensures that everything meets your exact expectations.

We leave nothing to chance. Our planning and manufacturing processes are designed to ensure that every detail meets your requirements. Thus, we guarantee that your vehicle is perfectly equipped for your next journey, no matter where it goes. With our assistance, your vehicle becomes a true adventure companion, ready for any challenge that your discoveries may bring.

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