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Our services at a glance

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In times of mass tourism and package tours, in which crowds of people pile up at the hotel pool, many people want to travel differently. They are currently at a campsite or a marinainstructed and don't want to stand there? Would you rather stand in the mountains, anchor in a lonely bay, travel there where the necessary infrastructure doesn't exist? 

The world has so much to offer, foreign culture, deserted beaches or places in the hinterland where you can experience the hospitality of the locals. These places remain with normal boats andmobile homes often denied. A vehicle that can master these paths does not necessarily have to be an off-road vehicle.It can also be a fully equipped expedition vehicle or boat that offers all the amenities you could wantthat there are few limits.


We arespecialized equip your camper, boat, or even tiny house so that you are absolutely independent.

We will support you with your project and create for you tailor-made packages with a plan.

Do you want to upgrade or modernize your energy system, navigation, etc...? We can offer you something that fits your project individually.

Your project will be implemented carefully and professionally, from detailed planning to assembly and repair. You are free to leave the assembly to us or do it yourself.

Your boat, expedition vehicle or tiny house is not in Germany? No problem, we carry out your order wherever your project requires it. We have already gained extensive experience here, regardless of whether it is Spain, Italy, Greece or Malaysia, we assemble and repair worldwide.

We'd love to create an offer for you.

Everyone has different needs and a different budget, for some it may not be big enough, for others they want to implement a small project but still enjoy a certain level of comfort. When you browse the manufacturers at the relevant trade fairs, you often have the feeling that the salesperson standing in front of you has never driven an expedition vehicle beforeBoat was really traveling and a DIf you want to sell things that you either don't need or leave out some that you absolutely should have.


Our vision is to fill exactly this gap. We support you with our expertise them in procurement the base, clarify the needs and plan together the desired conversions and extensions through to implementation No matter whether it's a truck, van or off-road vehicle, motorhome, sailboat, yacht, holiday home or even tiny House.


Safety, reliability and performance come first.

We are very keen to provide you with high quality Offering and processing products.


We only work with well-known manufacturers whose products have proven themselves in practice and with whom we have had good experiences. 

We are not tied to just one manufacturer or supplier but are always looking for tailor-made products that can be ideally networked with each other.

We move with the times! We are happy to examine new innovations on the market so that we can always offer our customers the latest products.

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