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Basic Vehicle | Unimog U1300L

- Unimog U1300L with OM 366 Turbo Engine

- Current odometer value : 50.000 km

- Performance: 100 kW (136 PS)

- Production year: 1987

- Max. weight: 7.490 kg

- Assistant: rear view camera

- Color: custom

- Length: 6.000 mm

- Wide: 2.250 mm

- Height: 3.400 mm

- Split-Transmission (for higher Driving Speed)

- Tire-Update from 12.5 R20 to 14.5 R20 Michelin XZL

- Suspensions KONI 

- Inox exhaust compact 

- Portalventilation for continuous driving updated

Inkl. Car Inside and Outside refurbishment:

- new Seats

- Radio with Speakers

- USB-A an C Dosen connectors

- new felted roof and doorsides.

- Bodyprotection and waxing

- Painting + Cabin with Naviton RAL

An individual offer for your individual equipment request can be made with pleasure.

Price for vehicle as listed: 249.000 EUR

The construction time is about 1 year

*Pictures of the removal are from a customer vehicle which is very similar*.

Interior details

The following equipment is an example of equipment and price - the vehicle is manufactured according to the individual needs of the customer!


- Rear spare wheel carrier (custom-made) 

- Storage boxes & panels under the cab 

- Roof rack (custom-made)

- Compressor with compressed air tank and connections 

- Additional headlight LTPRTZ 2x 60 Watt LED

- Entry stairs made of stainless steel (custom-made)

- Fiamma awning 3.2 mtr. with LED outdoor light

- Custom-made diesel tank including assembly  

GFK Cabin 

- GFK sandwich 60mm with 8mm honeycomb reinforcement

- Internal dimensions (LxWxH): 3.48 x 1.98 x 1.90 m

- Two storage flaps 

- Entrance door

- Access to the driver's cab

- Galvanized subframe


4x Hünerkopf windows (custom size)

Aluminum frame with thermal break

Incl. mosquito nets and blackout blind


Real bamboo wood + CPL lightweight panels

robust and high-quality metal fittings 

Wet cell and bed group made of 20mm GRP sandwich

Electronics (24 volts)

- Voltage converter 1200w continuous power Victron energy

- Shore power charger (110-240v)

- 230v mains priority circuit

- Victron solar charge controller + 640w solar panels

- External connection for mobile solar panel

- B2B charger + Victron ArgooFet battery isolator

- 200AH LifePo4 battery + Victron BMS/relay

- Monitoring via Simarine Pico touch display

- 4x USB-C (68 Watt) and USB-A charging ports

- Dimmable LED lighting

- Gas detector

- Kissmann compressor refrigerator 140 liters

- 4x 230v sockets

Heating Sanitary 

- Custom-made PE-100 water tank 150l

- Custom-made PE-100 gray water tank 50l

- Sewage piping inside the cabin

- Gray water can be drained via a switch on the driver's seat

- Dirty water filter system (coarse, fine, carbon, ceramic)

- Gas/electric hot water boiler 10l

- Water refueling via house water connection or alternatively by means of an integrated suction pump, e.g. from alternative water sources

- Piping with UniQuick + hot water pipe insulation

- Pressure water pump 2.5 bar

- 2x connections outdoor shower (left & right)

- Metal fittings from Grohe or Hans Grohe

- Nature Head composting toilet

- Diesel heater incl. 2x silencers

gas installation 

- Gas box for 5kg gas bottles

- Thetford Topline 922 hob

- Bayonet connection for outdoor grill/cooker

Upholstery and mattresses:

- FLEXIMA mattresses 2x 198 x 70cm

- Cold foam seat cushion with robust cover

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